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ADA4817 - Transimpedance Configuration Evaluation

Question asked by mythos1453 on Sep 24, 2014
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I purchased the evaluation board for the ADA4817 amplifier (model ADA4817-1ACP-EBZ) and have set it up in a transimpedance configuration. My problem is that  I'm not sure on how I measure its frequency response. I'll be using a VNA for this purpose which in my understanding, sources a voltage and subsequently measures a voltage. Is there an easy way to transform the source voltage into a small current? (which I can use as an input to the transimpedance amplifier).


I've attached the evaluation board user guide. The values I'm using are:

R1 = 0Ohm

R3 = 0Ohm

R5 = 10kOhm


If what I'm asking is not easy to implement what can I do to verify my amplifier works? Any help would be greatly appreciated!