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Question about audio DSP SPI control

Question asked by freewill on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by ColemanR

Hi everyone,


I have a question about SPI communication of ADAU1446.

We control ADAU1446 with Zynq via SPI.

In high temperature (more than 85C ambient), Zynq can't control the DSP via SPI.

But, when we used Sigma Studio, the DSP was controlled by SPI of Sigma Studio.

We checked each circuit (Our DSP design and Analog Device's Eval. Board), but there is no difference

regarding DSP.

So, we suspecting current capacity of Zynq, but still we can't understand that lack of SPI current cuases this problem.


Why the SPI operates in normal at room temperature, but not at high temp.

This kind of problem can be cuased by lack of current?