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Upgrading FMCOMMS2 Vivado design to Vivado 2014.2

Question asked by skp on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by rgetz



Is there a plan to upgrade the FMCOMMS reference design to Vivado 2014.2?

Prefer to use 2014.2 due to the significant improvement XILINX made in the usability, especially in the IP Integrator flow.


Tried upgrading the FMCOMMS2 design to 2014.2. The design built successfully, booting LINUX successfully (including the HDMI). Also the IIOScope did recognize the FMCOMMS2 board. However it failed to function as the selecting any option (time domain capture or frequency domain capture) failed. The application just hung!


As we are trying to start a design, would prefer to start on 2014.2 if possible!