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FMCOMMS2 Vivado 2013.4 build works, but not quite right.

Question asked by skp on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by larsc

Was able to rebuild the FMCOMMS2 reference design with Vivado 2013.4 (64bit on Ubuntu 14.04), successfully and use with IIOScope and LINUX, but for a this problem. The RX1 ADC channel seems to have some timing failure or so. The MSB (12 - 15) seems to be noisy.


Is this a known problem ? And so is there fix? [Have attached the IIOScope and ILA screen captures].


And I see this behaviour on both ZedBoard and Zc706! [zedboard builds sometimes fails with a timing error, but generates the bitfile. However this was not observed on Zc706 builds. But both exhibits the same behaviour.]


Note the noise on lane 10 - 15 of i1 capture.