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ADAU1701 have level data feedback to MCU?

Question asked by michaelc21 on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by vnadon_B_ING

Hello, friends,

    Nowadays, I use  ADAU1701 to design a  soundbox.

    I use a  MCU to control  the ADAU1701.


   Is there any method to  get  the  input signal ' level, or  ouput signal ' level   from  ADAU1701?


   I mean MCU get the  data,  then  to  drive  some LEDs  to  indicate the  level of volume.


    I can find  "Level Detector"  in the Sigma Studio,  but it is directly  link into the route, mcu can't get any data from the " Level Detector", it seems.



    Also , MCU could get  the  Limiter  level  indicate  from  ADAU1701 ?


    Thank you!