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question about u-boot memory layout with BF526 8MB SDRAM

Question asked by mattp Employee on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by mattp

Using an option you all showed me several years ago, I compiled a BF526 u-boot (2012R2) to occupy only 8MB of SDRAM, even though the actual SDRAM is 32MB.


This has worked for a long time, but now we are seeing some strange issues:

1. "loady" of an 7739KB file causes u-boot to freeze halfway through the transfer when loadaddr=0x00100000 but not when loadaddr=0x00800000.

2. bootldr of a loader file works when loadaddr=0x00100000 but not when loadaddr=0x00800000.


On issue #1, I can definitely see transferring an almost 8MB file to a u-boot that believes it only has 8MB could be an issue. I'm just not sure why 0x00800000 would work if 0x00100000 didn't.


On issue #2, even if u-boot is only configured for 8MB, I would think that it would be able to boot a program that uses 32MB.


Any ideas what might be going on? Do you all have some information about where u-boot would reside when running in 8MB on a BF526?