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Cannot generate simulation files for locked AXI interconnect IP

Question asked by daniel.nauth Employee on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by CsomI

I'm attempting to build the FMCOMMS5/ZC706 reference design. I am at Vivado version 2014.2.  I have downloaded the latest hdl from I have run system_project.tcl  in directory hdl/projects/fmcomms5/zc706.


I originally got the same error as described in and implemented the solution. But now I am getting additional errors. Specifically, there are 4 AXI interconnect IPs which are at the same version but different revision. I cannot generate files from these since they are locked so its preventing me from simulating.  But I am also prevented from updating them apparently because the revision isn’t critical enough. The attached JPG shows the IP status window and simulation error. The simulator_language property is already set to "mixed" as suggested by the error message.


Any idea how I can generate the simulation files for the AXI interconnect?