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Transferring binary data using FMCOMMS2!?

Question asked by Jetmiri on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by CsomI

Hi all,


I am using FMCOMMS2 with zedboard. What I am trying to do is to transfer a file between two zedboard. I managed to download the file on the DDR of the tx board in binary form. So the FMCOMMS2 can read it. I am using the Xil_in functions to write each bianry data in the DDR space where DAC will read. However I am not able to reade the data what I am receiving in the other board. The second step was to modulate each bit of the binary data with high and low values in 12-bit fashion, since the DAC is 12-bits so it can send high value for 1 and low value for 0. Again it is not working. I was using usually just one path, so I write the data in every second 32 bit in memory, since the DAC will read in 64 bit fashion where the first 32 bits are I/Q data for first channel and second 32 bits are I/Q data for second channel.


Any suggestion can be appreciated.