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ADAS1000 amplitude overflow

Question asked by SebastianGR on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by SebastianGR

I have a problem to show you. If I make an ECG with Müller & Sebastiani MS-410 simulator, in CAL50000BL mode ([+/-5mV] ECG + [+/- 1mV] baseline noise) with ADAS1000SDZ rev B kit, I notice overflows in V1 to V6 channels.
I have not changed anything on the kit, and I've only initialized the kit with the "Default Settings" button.
This problem occurs in vector mode or electrode.
You can find the screenshots below.

RAW data (fig 6) show a zoomed part of V3, when the overflow occurs.
Unfortunately, the Frame Header, bit 27 (fault) remains at 0.
What is your explanation ?
Is there a solution to avoid this overflow ?
Is there a method to report this overflow ?



Fig1: Lead I, II, V1 & V2, we can observe 2 overflows


Fig2: Zoom of 1 overflow on V1 & V2


Fig3: Zoom of 1 overflow in V1


Fig4: Zoom of overflow in V3 to V6


Fig5: 18 seconds of V3, we can see 2 overflows


Fig6: RAW data of this zoomed part.