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Continuous sampling using AD7656 evaluation software

Question asked by chana777 on Sep 23, 2014
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I recently bought AD7656 evaluation board with the evaluation board controller. I downloaded the evaluation software from the AD website and I installed it and tried to sample the data using the software. Two boards were both powered and the controller was connected to the computer via USB cable. When I sample the voltages using the "Sample" button on the top right area of the software, a pop-up window with the title of "System Development Platform Wait" and it reads "Waiting for transfer to SDP", indicating the software is in the middle of an operation. Although it takes a long time for the progress window to disappear, the software finishes and shows the results on the screen. Note that while the pop-up window is there, I cannot press any button on the actual software. When I press "Continuous" however the same window appears but this time it stays there and the program does not finish. In this case, I have to force the program to stop by pressing Cancel button and the data is lost. While the "System Development Platform Wait" window is there, I cannot press any buttons on the program and I cannot properly stop the sampling since I cannot press the "Continuous" button twice, which is what the manual instructs to do.

I have to use the board to sample continuous stream of data from 5 sources, which is why I bought the system. The sampling rate I am using is 1000Hz. My computer has Intel Core i7 and Windows 8.1. The description of the software in the AD website says it supports Windows XP and there is no indication of the other OS subsequent to XP. Does having more recent OS effect the performance? If anyone can help to resolve this issue, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.