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AD8400-1KOhm For PT100 Simulation

Question asked by d.dalfra on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by d.dalfra

Hi all,


this is my first post, so hello to all here and many congratulations to the community!


I'm planning to use 2 x AD8400-1K in parallel (potentiometer mode using A1 and W of each RDAC) to simulate a pt100 resistor.

I've decided to use the two rdac's in parallel to gain more precision, and also considered that the voltage across A1 and W must not exceed the Vdd of the RDAC.


At first impression on my lab, the system works well , i can simulate a resistor matching the pt100 step table with 0.5°C precision.

But, when i connect it to a pt100 measuring device, it always display +6° of what i expect.



There are some controindications or something that i've not considered in order to use the AD8400-1K for simulating a pt100 thermo-resistor?


Thanks in advance