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choosing amplifier evaluation board for low light photodiode circuit

Question asked by khoadley on Sep 22, 2014
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       I am attempting to set up a low light detection circuit for assessing chlorophyll a fluorescence from algae. My requirements are high gain (for low light levels, down to approx 200mW) and relatively high speed of 2Mhz (or a response time of no greater than 1microsecond). Because my background is not electrical engineering, I'm hoping i can find a evaluation module that may fit the bill. Ideally, this evaluation module would have adjustable gain (as the range of fluorescence signal may vary widely depending on the species and concentration of algae in question) but anything that would fit the bill for now would be a step in the right direction. There are two modules (EVAL-CN0272-SDPZ, and the UG-339 ADL5304) that seem like they might get the job done. The photodiode is still up in the air, as many seem to fit the bill fairly well. For the purpose of this question, i will go with the hamamatsu S1227.

       With little engineering nohow, I'm really just trying to make sure that the above components would be suitable for what i hope to achieve (2Mhz speed and light detection from 1-3 W down to approx 100-200mW of light). However, i am very much open to other suggestions/advice on alternatives that you think may also work. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help.




        Kenneth D. Hoadley

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