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AD9361 - IIO Oscilloscope, "Save Settings"

Question asked by nsuzuki Employee on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by larsc
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I'm using IIO Oscilloscope to evaluate TX performance of AD9361.
Then, I have faced a strange behavior of the AD9361.

After pewering up evaluation board (AD-FMCOMM3-EBZ + ZC702) and starting IIO Oscilloscope application,
I configured AD9361 to suitable settings via FMComm2/3 tab.  To apply the new settings, push "Save Settings" button.

TX output level of AD9361 was monitored by Spectrum analyser.

Then, whenever pushing the "Save Settings" without any change of FMComm2/3 tab settings, the TX output level was often changed about +/-0.5dB.

I can't understand the reason why the output level was changed by only pushing "Save Settings" button.

Does anyone advise me the reason of this behavior and solution to get stable output level?