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Using ADV7441A hdmi Encoder mode problem

Question asked by Simon on Sep 28, 2010
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How can I use ADV7441A hdmi encoder mode?

Read from the datasheet"ADV7441A_HW_RevG_13_May_09"set PRIM_MODE[3:0]=0x05,VID_STD[4:0]=0x0A and enable EAV/SAV codes.

but just get total wrong and out-of-order VBI signal.


regiests set are as follows:

42 0x03  0x0C
42 0x05  0x05
42 0x06  0x0A
42 0x1D  0x40
42 0x37  0x01
42 0x68  0xF0
42 0x6B  0xE2
42 0xBA  0xA0
42 0xC8  0x08
42 0x7B  0x0F
42 0xF4  0x3F
42 0xF0  0x10
42 0xF1  0x0F
62 0xF4  0x20
6A 0x15  0xEC
6A 0x1C  0x49
6A 0x1D  0x04
6A 0x5A  0x01