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How to identify which filter is which on

Question asked by CoolJavelin on Sep 20, 2014
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I have created a project that has several identical channels, each with several identical filter bands. (Filters->Second Order->Double Precision->1 Ch->Medium Size EQ)


The spi_map.dat file tells me where the 5 coefficients for each of the filters are located in the parameter ram (I think).

The entries begin with the name "EQ1940Single2..." and "EQ1940Single2..." etc...


The problem is, the entities are simply numbered 1 through n (n being the number of filters I have on the circuit.)


I want to be able to change the coefficients using a microprocessor, but I don't know how to identify to which filter the coefficients belong.


I can rename the filter (like chan1band1 or something) but I can't find any way of relating that name to the name in the spi_map file.


I have tried to follow the net_list.cir file, and I may be able to write some algorithm to sort this out, but that seems to be a real PITA.


How is this done?


Thanks, Mark.