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AD9361 - IIO Oscilloscope

Question asked by Mamatha on Sep 19, 2014
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  I am trying to receive a BPSK signal and decode it on the board (AD9361+Zedboard) but I am not able to see the BPSK signal on ADI iio-oscilloscope nor able to decode.

However, I am able to see the same BPSK signal that is 15dB above the noise floor using a dongle, and decode the same.

The settings are:

Filter Configuration: LTE 1p4

Sampling rate: 3.072 MSPS

RF bandwidth: 1.00 MHz

RX LO frequency: 96.013 MHz

        Probably the signal is not getting through the board at all, is there any specific setting that I have to take care in order to receive the signal ?

Another observation made was when I directly connect the board to a signal generator, the board recognises the signal and tracks the frequency with maximum power.

Many thanks in advance!



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