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Question asked by Raveendra on Sep 18, 2014
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I wish to know to that SNR and SINAD of AD9361(In customized board) when we feed the input power of -95 dBm input power.

Here is the configuration of AD9361.

Mode: FDD

Band width: 200 KHz

Data Rate: 1 MSPS.

AGC Mode.


I am feeding an FM Signal with -95 dBm and it couldn't able to demodulate this input signal and if i increase the input signal it is working fine. If i decrease the signal level than -95 dBm it is not working. I wish to know that Gain of chain, SINAD and SNR of at this stage.

What could be the sensitivity in this case and how to calculate signal power and noise level at the input of ADC?


Thanks for support.