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Question related to ADV7842 initialization

Question asked by arov on Sep 18, 2014
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I'm new in "Video applications" area, also my experience in device drivers area is not enough high. So sorry if my questionс will sound silly.


In my hardware schematics the ADV7842 is connected to DVI-I connector, i.e. it can receive analog or digital signal.

Is there a way to initialize the ADV7842 (please mention the "operating mode" for ADIAPI_RxInit function) so it will automatically detect signal and process correspondingly, or the ADIAPI_RxInit function caller should somehow analyze the input signal and pass correct mode manually?

Also I think about third way: video application user should specify the correct operation mode depending on what signal is transmitting to my receiver.

Please help me to correctly understand what way I should follow.


Thanks in advance.