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Read File from SD card for Blackfin BF609 processors

Question asked by Sritam on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by mkokaly

I am working on the ADSP-BF609-EZ-BOARD. I need to read some .txt files that is stored in the provided Sandisk 2GB SD card.

I went through the processor datasheet and found that BF609 communicates with the SD card using RSI interface.


So i have incorporated the corresponding library in my project and have opened the the channel corresponding to RSI using the interface:

result =(ADI_RSI_RESULT)adi_rsi_Open(0,&hDevice).

Now i am trying to write 1 byte of data to the SD card using the interface

result = adi_rsi_SubmitTxBuffer(hDevice,source,4,1);

But i do not get any response back that the byte has been written successfully.


can anyone help regarding the procedure to read a file contents from the SD Card.