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BTC on Blackfin - not for production code?

Question asked by fvpetrov on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by fvpetrov

I am currently debugging a BF535 application which does not always behave as desired:

- when started from Visual DSP++ using the JTAG emulator (HPUSB-ICE), it works normally,

- when booted from the flash (DSM2150, custom 2nd boot loader), is a hit-and-miss,

- when the application crashes, it remains stuck within DIF_WAIT (belongs to the BTC library).


To find out where it crashes, I do the following:

- power on the DSP,

- if the DSP correctly starts (external watchdog triggered), then power off and repeat from power on.

- at this stage the DSP code has crashed:

- connect the emulator ("do not disturb" mode),

- halt the DSP and load the symbols from DXE.


Every time the DSP code does not start, it remains within DIF_WAIT, waiting for a specific value at address 0xFFE0_5008.


The "I'm alive" signal - external watchdog trigger - is changed for the very first time after all VDK threads are up and running.



Visual DSP++ 5.0, Update 10.1,



Win7 Ultimate,


Update: I made a build without BTC and tried to reproduce the error for one hour without success.


Thank you!

Florin Petrov