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AD9653-125EBZ Oversampling, Undersampling

Question asked by Muhammet on Sep 18, 2014
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We are planning to use AD9653-125EBZ development kit. We will use this kit with different scenarios. The possible scenarios are:


     1.     Oversampling

             Sampling Frequency: 125 MHz,       

             Input Frequency: 40 MHz - 60 MHz Narrow band signal (Max bandwidth 5 MHz)


     2.     Undersampling

             Sampling Frequency: 50 MHz

             Input Frequency: 55 MHz - 75 MHz Narrow band signal (Max bandwidth 5 MHz)


     3.     Undersampling

             Sampling Frequency: 125 MHz

             Input Frequency: 70 MHz - 85MHz Narrow band signal (Max bandwidth 5 MHz)

- Are the analog input filters (for each channel) of development kit suitable, for above scenarios?

- Will the signal be sampled without loss, for above scenarios? If there will be loss for the undersampling, how much will it be?