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ADE7880 - how to calculate energy value on line cycle accumulation mode

Question asked by karens on Sep 17, 2014
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On ADE7880, I use line cycle accumulation mode to get energy readings (xWATTHR / xVAHR), also I want to get instantaneous power values. The CT coils are connected to each phase, use 3-phase, 4 wire connection. I want to know what are the equations and steps to convert the register readings to the corresponding real values. Right now I can't use the accurate AC source to find LSB value.


Upon the data sheet, page 88 registers list, register APF/BPF/CPF are unsigned 16-bit registers (maximum 0x7FFF), but I read those registers like hex value 0xBB58 when LENERGY interrupt occurred, what is wrong here?


Thank you very much.