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ADSP-BF527 EZ-KIT + VDK + audio codec = error

Question asked by MLo on Sep 28, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by Lordmonkey


Im working on getting the codec to work in VDK. I have used the example "AudioCodec" from the drivers folder in ADSP-BF527 folder and ported it to VDK. But when I run the code I get the error:


Failed to set dataflow method, Error Code: 0x00030005
Program terminated abnormally with error code: 0x00030005


The example uses the codec BF52xC1 driver, but I can't figure out if that is the right one to use. If I run the example without VDK everything works just fine. The board is revision 1.5.


I need some help