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ADV7181D input color space selection

Question asked by jerivera on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by GuenterL

Paragraph 2.4.4 of the User's manual states that the component processor can accept YPbPr or RGB input formats. I have an RGB source (not graphics) in NTSC format with sync on green. Want to use component processor. My inputs are manually mapped as follows: RED to Ain5, GRN to Ain2 and BLU to Ain3. I'm using PRIM MODE = 000 (SD-M) and VID STD = 1110 (SD 2x1 525i). Have my PLL divisor set to put a 24.5454Mhz clock on LLC pin (square pixel sampling). My output mode is set to 12 bit DDR mode (CPOP_SEL =0100 and DDR_EN =1). I want the output to be RGB color space, but when I look at the RGB output the colors look wrong. I'm using a modified script from the ADV7171D EVAL board. How does the device know I'm using RGB input space? There is no register to select between YPbPr or RGB input color space. Do I have to program the CSC registers? The CSC registers are programmed with some values labeled as "ADI recommended setting". My problem may be inside my FPGA processing but I want to make sure my I2C registers are configured correctly.


Jose Rivera