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ADXL362 Unexpected Interrupt

Question asked by jtm214 on Sep 17, 2014
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I'm trying to use the adxl362 to wakeup on an event, take data for a specified amount of time and the return to sleep.  For the most part this works but I get an unexpected activity interrupt immediately upon writing the power control register.


The value being written to the register:


//Set the power control register



//Set the reserved bit to the default state

adxl362ControlRegisters.powerCtl.bit.extClk=0;//Disables external clock
adxl362ControlRegisters.powerCtl.bit.lowNoise=0;//Sets the appropriate noise level
adxl362ControlRegisters.powerCtl.bit.wakeUp=1;//1 = Wakeup on event, 0 for measurement mode
adxl362ControlRegisters.powerCtl.bit.measure=2;//Set the system to measurement mode

If I read the status register immediately after writing this register without a delay, the register doesn't clear and the interrupt is generated anyway.  I can work around this but I don't think I should have to. 

What would cause the activity interrupt to be generated immediately upon writing the power control register?

Do I need a delay after writing the registers to allow things to settle before clearing the status registers?