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ADC_CLK/DAC_CLK, BB filters of AD9361

Question asked by yan_ucom on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by tlili

For both TX path and RX path, there are filter set (programmable, HB's/INT3) for filtering and interpolation. What's max rate for ADC_CLK and DAC_CLK, considering baseband channel bandwidth of 50MHz? I understand that the BBPLL is capable of 715MHz to 1.430GHZ, but I couldn't find the specific value for max ADC_CLK/DAC_CLK.


AD9361 supports upto 56MHz channel bandwidth. On the RX side, BB LPF has a programmable range up to 39.2MHz and calibration of 1.4 times of the baseband channel bandwidth. This means a max baseband channel bandwidth of 56MHz. However, on the TX side, the reference manual says "The TX BB LPU corner frequency is programmable over the range of 625KHz to 32MHz. The TX BB LPF is typicall calibrated to 1.6 times the baseband channel bandwidth." This means a max baseband channel bandwidth of 20MHz. What should I do if I need to support 50MHz baseband channel bandwidth.