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offset from ADA4528: datasheet <-> pspice

Question asked by dirkson on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Emman.A


I want to simulate the offset from ADA4528 (



I have simulate it, as can be seen in the appendix.

I get a voltage Uout of 10uV.

The offset is then: Uos = Uout * R1/(R1 + R2) = 10uV * 10k/ 20k = 5uV


In the datasheet (page4) is specifies a value of 0,3uV (typ) and 2,5uV(max).

Is my simulation correct? Can I measure the offset on this way or why comes the difference?



Later, I want to supply the circuit with +-2,5V. Can I expect that the offset is then +-0,3uV( typ) or is it only positiv ?



In the datasheet there are the specification: VSY = 2.5 V, VCM = VSY/2. Is VCM the common mode voltage: ( -IN + +IN )/2 ?


Thank you for your help