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Using Serial Output Ports in 32 bit mode on ADAU1452

Question asked by mich-mich on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by edarring

Hi there,


I cannot find out how to use the Serial Output Ports in 32 bit mode on my ADAU1452.


In the ADAU1452_1451_1450 datasheet (Rev.C), it is written on page 61 :


Also on page 112 :



I have SigmaStudio Version 3.11 Build 1, Rev 1356 and I can choose only one type of output cell:


The Serial Port I would like to use seems properly configured in the ADAU145x Register Controls :


But unfortunately, even if I do send 32 bits data on this port using a DC Input Entry directly on the output (checked with a DSP Readback block just before the output cell eventually), my scope is always showing a 24 bits output. I've also checked that the 8 MSB are ignored, like when using 1.23 format, as you can see on the pictures bellow.


The first 8 bits are always shown as zero, like if only the 24 LSB of the output cell are taken into account, and then left justified.


I've checked that the problem remains even when changing the MSB Postion from left justified to right justified in the SDATA_OUT1 configuration register.


My assumption is that the special 32-bit output cell is not available yet in SigmaStudio : Can anyone confirm or help me please, I must be sure that the ADAU1452 is capable of outputting 32 bits data before going further in my design.


Thank you,