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How to communicate with AD776x family w/o FPGA?? (32-bit SPI)

Question asked by draqon on Sep 27, 2010
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Good afternoon!
I want to communicate with AD7764, which have 32-bit SPI, ADC - master, baudrate ~10Mbit/s.
But FPGA use is undesirable for me.


I wanna use MSP430 or Picolo (F28x) or any other similar-class MCU, because it possesses sufficient productivity. But it have 8- or 16-bit SPI.


Prompt me please any decision, probably there are MCUs with 32-bit SPI, or it is possible to accept somehow such stream on these processors?

Whether there are any recommendations from ADI about the processor for this ADC?


And one more question..

What frequency of SPI clock impulses? On p.6 it is written that 10 MHz (Tsco=2*Ticlk), and on page 21 - 1/2 Fmclk = 20 MHz
F iclk=Fmclk/2=20Mhz


Sorry for my english(