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ADV7482 Active Video in NTSC

Question asked by igalkroyter on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by mattp

Hi we are utilizing the ADV7482 to sample NTSC in SDP mode. An FPGA which is attached to the output of the ADV7482 announces that the number of active video is 487 instead of 480. Hereafter is the configuration that we apply:


address =0x20,offset =0xff,value = 0x80

address =0x20,offset =0xf1,value = 0x90

address =0x20,offset =0xf2,value = 0x94

address =0x20,offset =0xf3,value = 0x84

address =0x20,offset =0xf4,value = 0x80

address =0x20,offset =0xf5,value = 0x7c

address =0x20,offset =0xf8,value = 0x4c

address =0x20,offset =0xf9,value = 0x64

address =0x20,offset =0xfa,value = 0x6c

address =0x20,offset =0xfb,value = 0x68

address =0x20,offset =0xfd,value = 0x44

address =0x20,offset =0xfe,value = 0x48

address =0x48,offset = 0x0,value = 0x2

address =0x20,offset = 0x0,value = 0x0

address =0x20,offset = 0x1,value = 0x0

address =0x20,offset = 0x3,value = 0x0

address =0x20,offset = 0xc,value = 0x42

address =0x20,offset =0x15,value = 0xb0

address =0x26,offset =0x 0,value = 0x e

address =0x26,offset =0x 2,value = 0x80

address =0x26,offset =0x 3,value = 0xb0

address =0x26,offset =0x 5,value = 0x 1

address =0x26,offset =0x c,value = 0x1f

address =0x26,offset =0x12,value = 0x63

address =0x48,offset =0xa7,value = 0x 0

address =0x4a,offset =0x97,value = 0x 0


It looks like for the first field (odd): the first active line is 17 then 244 of active lines and then 2 extra non active lines

for the second field (even): the first active line is 18 then 243 of active lines and then 3 extra non active lines