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About MP pin in ADAU145x

Question asked by takepiro on Sep 16, 2014
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Dear support team,


I have some question about MP pin in ADAU145x.

Could you answer me about them,please?


1.On Multipurpose pin mode register of datasheet(P.135) said that MP_MODE=001 is General-purpose digital input port, sends its value to the DSP core....

But, in datasheet(P.136) Multipurpose pin write value register, it said that If a multipurpose pin is configured as an output driven by the control port(the corresponding bits[3:1](MP_MODE)=0b001),,,


When MP_MODE = 001,

Is MP pin is input or output?


2.When MP_MODE is set to 011(General-porpose output without pull-up) and General purpose output is not assigned value in schematic on SigmaStudio,

What value is output from MP pin?


Best regards,