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Some Questions for AD5700 HART device

Question asked by Kaos on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by DRice

Dear Sir/Madam,


As for your CN-0267 and AD5700, I got some questions from our customer.

He is trying to use your AD5700.


I am just watching your Fig-1 on CN-0267.
Customer have the another circuit except for AD5700 part.
They are including MCU and DAC.
Can the customer design to use AD5700 with another DAC and MCU?
If OK, then what is the note point?


Do you have the sample circuit for ADC(Input) part that connect with AD5700?


Do you have the listed-command chart for HART comunication?

Slave Device<---------------------->CN0267
(What does the command send to?)
Customer need the sample model info.

What is the purpose of your "Full Duplex function(page-16 on your datasheet AD5700)" ?
Only Self Testing?


Your AD5700 have the band-pass filter internal.
So how should we use this?
What case should we use your internal filter?


Please let us know how can we use Master/Slave for AD5700?


Customer will use with the multi channel inputs.
He will put MUX in external.
Please let us know the note point.


Thanks Kaos