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[ADV7181D] Register setting for ITU-R BT.601. And about FIELD.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 16, 2014
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I have questions about register setting of ADV7181D.

Our use case is as follows:
   CVBS(NTSC-J) 480i or
   Y/C (NTSC-J) 480i

  YCbCr 16bit
  HS/VS/FIELD pins are used. (SAV/EAV is not used.)


Question 1
Is "Table 22 Recommended User Settings for NTSC" on H/W manual page.137 met to ITU-R BT.601?
If it's no, could you tell me the register settings for Table 22 for ITU-R BT.601?


Question 2
About PF Polarity FIELD (SDP), Address 0x37 [3],
When we set this register to 0, what field is indicated when FIELD is high?
and what field is indicated when FIELD is low?
(Odd or Even)


Question 3
There are descriptions of "Field 1" and "Field 2" on Figure 51 and Figure 52 on H/W manual page.135 and 136.
Is the "Field 1" indicate Odd field?
Is the "Field 2" indicate Even field?




Thank you!
Best regards.