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One or more interrupt sources  assigned for same IVG

Question asked by anjana on Sep 27, 2010
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We  are using BF525 processor in our application, where we are configuring  the timer0  for every 10msec as a  free running timer and also we are  configuring the pg9 as input interrupt..  so by using the SIC_ISR i am identifing the interrupt source which has come at the time....The code snippet i am using for the above case is



void Init_Interrupts(void)


     register_handler(ik_ivg12,COMMON_ISR);    // IVG12 is default flag intr.  vector
    *pSIC_IMASK1 |= 0x00000101;            // masking pg intr  A(bit8)  and timer0(bit0)


}//end Init_Interrupts


my  timer configuration is for 10msec

void Init_Timer0(void)
      *pTIMER0_CONFIG = 0x0019;// Configure Timer Period
      *pTIMER0_PERIOD = 1330000;//for 10ms
    *pTIMER0_WIDTH = 0x00000000;   // Configure Timer Width
    *pTIMER_ENABLE = 0x0001; // Enable   Timer0


int read_state_of_pin_int;


if(read_state_of_pin_int=read_state_of_pin_int  & 0x00000100)
    *pPORTGIO_CLEAR = 0x0400;//clear the  latched ir interrupt


    *pPORTGIO_MASKA_CLEAR= 0x0400;// disable the ir  interrupt
    *pPORTGIO_MASKA_SET = 0x0400;




if(read_state_of_pin_int=read_state_of_pin_int  & 0x00000001)




Can u please tell me handling the interrupt sources which are having  same IVG(shown above) is a rightway of doing? If not please tell me how can we handle them with an example.