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transimpedance amplifier design

Question asked by moki on Sep 16, 2014
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I am working on a project about a wavemeter. the wavemeter have 16 photodiodes. I want to design a transimpedance amplifer that I will interface with an ADC that I will later select.

- My problem is selecting a transimpedance amplifier with a speed of 100MHz at 10ns with low noise. this is because the photodiode are working in the photovoltaic mode which is a problem at high frequencies. With a high signal to noise  ratio. My question are: its possible to have transimpedance amplifier that can perform this task. Do I need a two stages. design one for the transimpedance amplifier and the other for the additional gain .

the photodiode current is 0.04mA and capacitance is 100pF

- the  ADC will be 12 bits with a sample rate of 100MHz