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AD8036: need clarification on "fast rectifier" use.

Question asked by Ilya... on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Marc_2

First a disclaimer, I'm only a mechanical engineer, doing this out of necessity as a grad student.


I'm hoping to use either AD8036 or AD8037 as a peak detector for a nearly sinusoidal waveform at 100Hz-5MHz. The datasheet gives this handy schematic on page 19 and claims good performance to 20MHz. I am willing to tolerate error of a couple % at high frequency.

8036, fig12.jpg

However, the same datasheet also says on page 16 (bottom of right column) that "The AD8036's and AD8037's CLAMPIN input clamp architecture works only for noninverting or follower applications..."


Doesn't the schematic show an inverting application?  Is this just an "oops" or is it the correct layout?

Now just a couple of basic questions. My intent is to use a simple RC filter on the output. I am sampling the output at 10Hz so a large time constant is desired. Can I assume that in this case, a relatively large C (0.1uF) does not constitute a problematic capacitive load?