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ADE7880 - how to set Line Cycle energy accumulation mode

Question asked by karens on Sep 15, 2014
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I want to use the line cycle accumulation mode to get phase watt-hour values on ADE7880 (AWATTHR / BWATTHR / CWATTHR register). So I should:

1. Write line cycle count value to LINECYC register.

2. On LCYCMODE register, set following bits to '1'

      LWATT, LVA, ZXSEL[[0], ZXSEL[1], ZXSEL[2], RSTREAD, PFMODE (for power factor calculation) to 

3. Repeat step 1 to make sure the first reading is correct

4. Set bit LENERGY (bit 5) at MASK0 register to enable the line cycle accumulation mode interrupt


Then I should be able to get phase A, B, and C watt-hour values by reading  AWATTHR / BWATTHR / CWATTHR register.


Are above steps and sequence correct?




1. Can I only set ZXSEL[0] to '1', using phase A zero crossing count, in order to get phase A, B, and C watt-hour values.


2. If I set to use more than one phase zero crossing count, for example set ZXSEL[0], ZXSEL[1], and ZXSEL[2], but lost zero crossing detection at one or two phases, will AWATTHR / BWATTHR / CWATTHR register reading were incorrect?


3. With 60Hz, if value 2 is written to LINECYC register, the value of AWATTHR / BWATTHR / CWATTHR register when interrupt occurred presents one line cycle energy usage, i.e. watts in 16.67 ms, is it correct?


4. Do I need to set CONSEL bits upon the wire configuration, 3-wire delta or 4-wire wye, ?


Thank you very much for the help.