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HMC832LP6GE frequency tuning & SPI configuration

Question asked by Vishnu on Sep 15, 2014
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We've purchase an evaluation board for HMC832LP6GE and I've been working on that.

I've some doubts regarding the frequency configuration & SPI settings.


1. Please advice me the procedure for frequency tuning.

The board has been initialised to a known frequency with lock status as LOCKED>

Now I'm trying to tune the device manually using the SPI write & read features of the GUI, but in vein.

But I apply this frequency in the field and click update, it locks to the new frequency.

When I cheked the history, it was showing many reads and writes.

But ideally, when the chip is configured for AutoCAL, the only settings the user must change must be the INT counter (Reg 0x03) and fractional part (Reg 0x04).

So please tell me the steps which I should follow for frequency tuning in INT & FRAC mode.


2. The SPI read/write operations done in the evaluation board seems to be different from what is given in the evaluation board.