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Question asked by ofirvaknin on Sep 14, 2014
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I have few questions regarding ADV7181D:


1.Does the ADV7181D have the same core as the ADV7181C ? I mean, if the ADV7181C supports a certain input video type and resolution , can I be sure that the ADV7181D will support it ?


2. Does the ADV7181D available as the ADV7181C (is it in production) ?

3.  I think you have a mistake in the manual of ADV7181D: According to table 4 CVBS= AIN1 when insel=0000, sdm_sel=00,prim        mode= 0000, vid_std=0010. but according to table 63, when insel=0000, CVBS is on AIN2 ?

4. Just to be sure: I am using the ADV7181D and I want to be sure that I am doing the right connections:

     a. As I understand- Only ADC0 can be used for CVBS (pal/ntsc) video ?

     b. for RGB input : green always shall be connected to ADC0, blue to ADC2 and RED to ADC1    

    c. In my configuration, I am connecting the inputs as following:

       * AIN1: NTSC (SD processor)

        * AIN2: NTSC (SD processor)

         * AIN3 and SOG: Monochrom with embedded sync- high definition (up to XGA- CP processor ) in one configuration. In other       cofiguration- NTSC (SD processor)

         * AIN6, SOG : Green channel with embedded sync of  rgb Color video type (CP processor)

         * AIN8 : Blue channel of the  rgb color video type  (CP processor)

         * AIN10: red channel of the rgb color video type (CP processor)


Thank you


Ofir Vaknin