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ADL5391- down-converting mixer

Question asked by Christoph on Sep 13, 2014
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I would like to use the ADL5391 as a down converting mixer.

On the x input I have my measured signal which should be down converted to a fixed frequency (e.g. 10 kHz). This is a symmetrical AC signal around 0V. On the y input I have my oscillator signal which is a symmetrical AC signal around 0V too. So I want to multiply these two signals and filter the output signal and get my down converted signal at the W output. This signal should be a symmetric ac signal (around 0 V) too.


The frequency range of the x input signal is up to 10 MHz and the Amplitudes are up to 2Vp-p.


I am a little bit confused with this common mode voltage and so on, so I posted a schematic of my circuit (without the filter stage). Will this circuit fulfill the above described requirements? And will i get a symmetrical ac signal (around 0V) at the output which is X*Y?


Thanks a lot