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How chipscope works!?

Question asked by Jetmiri on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by CsomI

Hi everyone,


I am using FMCOMMS2 with zedboard. I just wanted to know how the chipscope works!? I am using the DATA_SEL_DMA to transmitt the sine wave. I am seeing the sine wave on chipscope. However when I am trying to produce the same sine wave using the captured I&Q values using the script I do not receive the same sine wave. I capture the I&Q values that I send (they are just 32 values which are given in the dac_init() function) and I capture around 16834 samples with the capturing script. What I see after the reconstruction of the wave in the received side is the repetition of 32 samples that I send but not a sine wave.


Where actually the chipscope reads the sample data, from the DDR after capture or directly from DAC!? If it reads directly from the DAC then how can I get the samples directly from DAC without putting them first in the DDR and after that reading from DDR, since it seems that the problem is in this step.


Hopefully I was clear enough.