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adv7611 output sync problem

Question asked by praneethreddy462 on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by GuenterL



We have configured ADV7611 in 24bit (1080p, 480p) mode.


We are able to receive the output data from adv7611 but the image frame is surrounded by black regionin both cases.


It seems like a sync issue, but all the timings are correct.


We have captured following two images

1. freerun_data.jpg: It is captured while freerun is enable, & "Do not blank data during horizontal and vertical blanking periods" is cleared. If     the bit is not cleared we are getting the same black region in freerun mode also.freerun_data.jpg

2. live_data.jpg: It is captured when live data is given to adv7611.


Please let us know  how to get data in full screen.


Note: We have tried to shift the image using START_HS and END_HS;  also we tried with different setting of polarities but no effect on frame.