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VDK - How to create simple project?

Question asked by jammal on Sep 27, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by SFernandez


I have some questions about VDK.

1) Must I worry about context saving when I write thread in ASM?

2) The conventions about Registers usage in VDK environment are the same as in standalone application written on ASM?

3) What registers is scheduler saving when switching between threads?

4) May I use SIMD instructions in thread body?

5) Must I write device driver to initialize SHARC's and on board peripherals or I may run my init function before VDK_RUN();?

6) I want to create 3 threads from one thread type whitch filtering some data. I do next steps:

I create my_thread type.

I call library function fir from <filter.h> inside my thread.

I create 3 boot threads whitch uses my_thread type.

I want declare filters' coefficients as global variables for direct accessing  to them from thread.

     How can I do that???

Can anybody share example project something like TalkThru in VDK??


Please HELP!!!