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Question asked by NeilRace on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by Rob.Analog

I recently bought the EVAL-ADV7280MEBZ eval board to use a CVBS input and MIPI CSI-2 output to interface with my i.MX6.


I jumped thorough the hoops to download and install the software to communicate with the board over USB (I2C).


I used the script for CVBS autodetect on analogue input 1.


After wondering why I was getting nothing in my i.MX6, I put a scope on the clock and data outputs from the eval board and found that both data lines were active (quite noisy) but both were positive. Isn't the D0N line supposed to be negative as these lines are differential pairs?


I also found that the clock signals were oscillating with an amplitude of 400mV with an offset of 0V. Aren't these supposed to have an offset of 1.2V?


I hope this is something trivial!