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May AD8232 introduce any artifacts in ECG?

Question asked by Mikhail.N on Sep 11, 2014
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We're working on remote ECG acquisition solutions, and currently trying AD8232 as our ECG frontend. We got resulting ECG as shown on the attached picture, on the left side.

ecg by  AD8232  and classic.jpg


We're seeing that end of T-wave (surrounded by dashed line) goes below the baseline; if we understand things properly, it shouldn't be appearing like that (the classical ECG from the book on the right). The resulting dip of T-wave isn't affected by selection of any variants of low-pass and high-pass filters, and in addition, as far as we can see, other developers get same results too. Snapshot of similarly shaped T-wave is also found in IC's documentation.


As a result, we received apparently atypical ECG and we're afraid that medics may shoot down this design. Were there any field testing studies of this IC? Were results shown to cardiologists?