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AD9237-40 mode2 pin threshold

Question asked by Terumasa on Sep 11, 2014
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Please let me know about the threshold of mode pin in AD9237-40.


Datasheet  P.20 describes below but does not describe threhold.


Mode2     ;  Span ; Power scaling

AVDD          ;   1; Disabled

2/3 AVDD    ;   1; Enabled

1/3 AVDD    ;   2 ;Enabled

AGND          ; 2  ;Disabled


We would like to use Span factor 1 and power scaling enable.

But, board space is too short and it is difficult to make 2/3 AVDD from AVDD(3.3V).

So, if possible, we would like to supply 2.5V (another power rail)  to MODE2 pin.

As the result of our test,  Span factor 1 and power scaling enable is set by voltage less than 2.6V.

Could you give me your advice if there is any problem ?