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[ADV8003] Question about Scaling, De-interlacing & PtoI

Question asked by shogo Employee on Sep 10, 2014
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Please let me ask about ADV8003's scaling, De-interlacing & Ptol.


Q1 : Under Game mode w/o connecting DDR2, can ADV8003 convert following cases ?


  1080/60(50)i 2160/30(25)p

  1080/60(50)i 1080/60(50)p

  1080/60(50)i 1080/30(25)p

  1080/60(50)i 720/60(50)p

  1080/60(50)i 480/60p(576/50p)

  1080/60(50)i 480/60i(576/50i)

  2160/30(25)p 1080/60(50)i   => (We believe this is not a case.)

  1080/60(50)p 1080/60(50)i

  1080/30(25)p 1080/60(50)i

  1080/60(50)p 1080/30(25)p

  1080/60(50)p 720/60(50)p

  1080/60(50)p 720/30(25)p

  1080/60(50)p 480/60p(576/50p)

  1080/60(50)p 480/60i(576/50i)


Q2 : We assume that above conversion process requires dedicated memory inside of ADV8003. Is this right understanding ?

Is it memory for 1 or 2 frame ?


Q3 : Is there any difference in video quality between Game mode & other modes using DDR2 other than Motion adaptive de-interlacing ?


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