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ADV7510 RGB 8 bit

Question asked by hoehna on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by hoehna

We are using the ADV7510 in several products and have been noticing some errors when connecting the DVI/HDMI to external equipment.  Using an input mode of RGB 4:4:4, 24 bit with separate syncs and output mode of RGB 4:4:4 a field length error is indicated on a Tektronix WFM5250 scope for 1080P60/50 but 1080P30/25 resolutions are OK.  The data is send to the chip in the video timing pattern called out in the CEA-861-E spec.  This doesn't make sense since the video format timing is the same for 1080P60/50 as it is for 1080P30/25.  Is there a register not being set that could be causing the error to show up?

The ADV7510 is used on another product that uses 4:2:2 12 bit embedded sync and does not indicate a problem with 1080P60/50 resolutions.