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uart echo back  is not working properly @ adsp-21375 visual dsp 5.1

Question asked by PeterYang on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Jithul_Janardhanan


    In my design, the dmeo about UART echo back  has a problem, is not working properly.

my platom :

  adsp-21375  @ 16.534MHz   Baud rate: 19200b/s,  two stop bits ,odd parity

  visauldsp 5.1

  asm code

  windows 7

Run the initUart results as shown below


when i disable the follow  code ,it's normal work .



r0 = dm(UART0RBR);

/* echoing back the received data */
waiting1: ustat1 = dm(UART0LSR);
bit tst ustat1 UARTTHRE;
if not tf jump waiting1;
//dm(UART0THR) = r0;   // ************

/* poll to ensure UART has completed the transfer */
waiting2: ustat1 = dm(UART0LSR);
bit tst ustat1 UARTTEMT;
if not tf jump waiting2;






From the above results, the hardware should not have what problem, but why demo is not working properly?