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AD9361 Tx/Rx Analog BB filter configuration

Question asked by Raveendra on Sep 8, 2014
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Please clarify below things of AD936X Tx/Rx BB LPF functionality.

For an example my RF Bandwidth is: 1 MHz and real bandwidth of Tx BBF and Rx BBF could be 500 KHz .

1. How to calculate the 3 dB frequency of each filters? i observed in few documents you mentioned the 3 dB frequency of above example 0.7 MHz for Rx BB filter and 0.8 MHz for Tx BB filetr. could please explain more like how to calculate the 3 dB frequency for required bandwidths.


2. I read the AD9361_Register_Map_v2.8C document for BB filters configuration and i observed few formulas which i mentioned below.BB Filetrs.png

Please explain what is the function of ceil function in this formula. It will be better if you explain with one example.


Thanks for your support